Advertisement Rates
(To order e-mail us your information)
1. Add your business to online directory ($98/year)
We will add your business name, address, phone number and a short description of your choice to our directory, accessible through a link of the respective city information page. If you have a website, a link to your site will be established.
Your Business Name
Your Business Address
Your Business Phone Number
Short description of your business, whatever can be said in twenty words or less.


2. Business Card Advertising ($195/year)
We will scan your business card and add it on the page of the city you are located in. If you have a website, a link to your site will be established.


3. Integration of your business into the city description ($ 425/year)  
All of the above. In addition we will integrate your business into the story of the town in which your business is located, and a link within the story to your website will be established. If you do not have a website, we take a digital picture of your business and create one for you (one 8/12 x 11 page you provide us with the text).
McAllen, spurred on by the arrival of the Railroad in 1905, continued to grow and was finally incorporated in  1911. By 1916  McAllen's population  totaled  about  1000. The local  economy got  an incredible boost when 12,000 Soldiers where sent  here to  protect the local population from Revolutionary and  Counterrevolutionary activities in Mexico. And who do you think supplied the growing population with badly needed furniture?
Guess or click here to find out!  


4. Permanent banner on the top page of the city your business is located in (on first come basis - $ 780/year.