Spurred by the arrival of the railroad a small town had sprung up on a site between McAllen and Weslaco.  One of the town sites charter members, Mr. T. J. Hooks,  had put all of his resources and energies in making the town self-sufficient. His efforts were not lost on the town folks and at a secret meeting it was decided to show their appreciation with a special gesture. A party was arranged in honor of T. J. Hooks. His daughter Donna, living in Beaumont, was invited to attend.

When Mr. Hooks arrived at the little railroad station to pick up his daughter he was amazed to see a sign hung at the side of the rails, reading "Welcome to the town of Donna". The few surviving attendees of this time still swear that they saw tears in the eyes of T. J. Hooks..
Donna Hooks Fletcher was equally surprised and in the coming years she played a prominent part in the towns development.

Today Donna is a major player in the tourism industry and home to thousands of retirees from all over the United States and Canada.

Tourist Attractions:

Donna Hooks Fletcher Museum
Phone: 956-464-9989
318 South Main Street
Donna, TX 78537
United States