While visiting the sugar factory and plantation of J. N. Pharr & Sons in Louisiana, a Mr. Blalock persuaded the three Pharr bothers to visit the Rio Grande Valley. He believed the area would be great for raising sugar cane. In 1905 a trip was arranged and the brothers headed for Mercedes, a young town that was growing rapidly, but they did not make an investment then. In 1909 the Pharr brothers returned with friends and began looking for tracts of land. Charles Hammond and John C. Kelly owned 16,000 acres in the central portion of the Valley. Mr. Hammond was anxious to sell his share at $ 30 an acre because of failing health. The brothers were busy planning canals, pumping plants and subdividing the land to start a town site. At that time a lawsuit was filed which clouded their title. They later managed to resolve this problem.
The rapid development of McAllen made it seem impractical to develop a town so nearby, but they decided to make the experiment. Mr. Kelly sent the Pharr men a blueprint of the town with the name PHARR in bold letters, so the fledgling town was given a name that has endured.

Today Pharr is a popular place for Winter Visitors from all parts of the Nation, much due to the areas subtropical climate, the friendliness of it's people and it's close proximity to Mexico.