SAN JUAN (Video)

San Juan was named by John Closner, who organized the city in 1909. Juan being the Spanish variation of John....the State Historical Marker, erected at the library reads:

"The town of San Juan was established in 1910 with the sale of 406 acres of land to the San Juan Townsite Co. by area entrepreneur, John Closner for whom the town was named. San Juan quickly developed a business district along Fifth Street. At this site in 1911, the city's first two-story building was erected. It housed the San Juan State Bank until 1918 and served a variety of businesses, including the District Irrigation Office, until the partial demolition more than 60 years later. The only remaining structure houses the city library."

Today the thriving community of San Juan is home to many Winter Visitors and one of the gateway cities to Mexico.

San Juan Shrine
Phone: 956-787-0033 
San Juan, TX


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